Teacher - Level 16

Nuria M Saunders


Hello I'm Nuria & run Zenjie Women & Ensty Health Club. I am slowly getting back to teaching my community minded classes after all the stoppages of the Pandemic. Now more than ever learning to breathe correctly is a positive tool. Correct breath is empowering both emotionally & physically. A correct rhythmic breath allows the body to reject the negative impact of air pollution as well as the increasing of lung capacity. Emotionally rhythmic breathe is good for self control, self awareness, motivation & inner wellbeing. The breathing is linked to our emotions & when we get upset stress hormones can affect us & create unsteady breath. Can we control this? Yes. Central Power Breathwork works with the Body-Mind-Spirit & fundamentally links to all elements that can cause anxiety from within. Similar to Mindfulness we deal with the here & now but unlike it we are breathing for practical instinctive needs to push away the negative & assert ourselves to feel strong both inside & out


Nuria Saunders